Number 1. Complete a Full-Size Laundry Load in Under Two Hours

It can complete a full-size laundry load in under two hours, a significant timesaving compared to traditional methods. With an industry-leading 4.8 cu. ft. capacity, the unit can handle large loads from king-size bedding to the smallest load with ease.

 Number 2. Unprecedented Drying Technology Inside

Before we go into a detailed explanation of how this innovation works, allow us to illustrate it in a way all Hawaiian residents can relate to.

Have you ever stepped out of the ocean on a warm, breezy day and noticed your swimsuit is dry before you make it back to your lounge chair? This is a result of the combination of the perfect level of humidity, warm temperature, and a warm breeze engulfing your clothes, making them dry to the touch within moments.

This is the drying environment GE has engineered and replicated inside their new all-in-one Washer and Dryer Combo.

The unit quickly, yet gently, separates all the moisture from your clothes and immediately drains the water collected. Your clothes are then delicately dried by the correct warm airflow speed and temperature to complete the drying process.

The onboard ventless heat pump, dehumidifier, and powerful variable speed blower work in concert to make this possible. The system is meticulously controlled by the various wash cycles you choose from and learns your load patterns, fabric types, and habits, adjusting cycle times based on your habits.

In short, recirculated air at high speed softly dries bulky items and thick denim with low heat. This allows you to wash and dry everything, including delicate fabrics, eliminating the need for hang drying.

Number 3.

Two-in-One Functionality in the Same Size of One Washer

This product combines both a washer and dryer into a single laundry unit in the same size footprint as one washer or one dryer. People utilize these space savings in their laundry area by adding storage and other conveniences. Large households will often add a second All-In-One Combo Unit.

Number 4.

Plug and Play Design

It doesn’t require traditional electrical and venting setups. Just plug it into a regular power outlet, no need for ventilation.

This has made the GE Profile Full Size All-in-One a must have for new construction and renovations of for apartments and condos in Hawaii.

 Number 5.

The End of Wet Clothes Sitting in The Washer Waiting to Be Transferred to the Dryer

A recent study showed that the average time a completed load of laundry sits in the washer waiting to be transferred to the dryer is 130 minutes. And we have all been guilty of forgetting them for much longer to the point that you need to re-run the wash cycle altogether.

Number 6.

Microban Protection

Only GE Laundry features Microban protection and that includes this new all in-one unit. Components colored in blue, offer antimicrobial benefits that help prevent mildew, odor, or smell, which are common issues associated with almost all front-load laundry machines from other manufactures.

Number 7.

Energy Saving

The unit is 50% more efficient than traditional dryers, which lead to significant energy savings and good for the planet.

Number 8.

Easy to Clean Dual Stage Lint Filter

The easy-to-clean dual-stage lint filter captures micro-particles, ensuring maximum airflow and fast drying. But don’t be surprised when you find less lint, because the UltraFast Combo is gentler on clothes, less lint is generated.

Number 9.

Smart Features

With SmartHQ™ app integration, your laundry routine is smarter than ever. Receive notifications and updates directly on your smartphone.

Number 10.

It Automatically Dispenses Detergent and Fabric Softener

GE call is Adaptive SmartDispense Technology, but we call it not having to worry about filling the machine with detergent for over 30 loads of laundry. Simply fill the dispenser with detergent and fabric softener. Next, use the SmartHQ app to scan the barcode on your detergent bottle. The machine will then automatically adjust the dispensing amount according to the detergent type and load size.

 Bonus Reason!

Pet Mode

This innovative software update allows the use of the unprecedented airflow technology to separate pet hair from clothes before washing. By using high-speed airflow and tumbling action, the system lifts and dislodges pet hair, which is then trapped by a filter for easy removal. This method is more effective than regular wash cycles, preventing pet hair from embedding deeper into fabrics during washing and rinsing.

The washer and dryer combo machine costs about $2,800.

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