Traditionally, a Professional Range has been defined by three core criteria:

  • Powerful Precision Tools
  • Capacity
  • Professional Styling

There are many incredible Professional All Gas and Dual Fuel Ranges available on the market to choose from that deliver in all three of these areas.

As the market continues to move towards induction technology, we see a number of options of drop-in cooktops and 30-inch slide-in and freestanding ranges. There are several great induction range options from GE, Cafe, and Bosch.

However, in recent years, we have started to see the introduction of a new category – The Professional Induction Range. But which products being offered actually meet the original promise of a True Professional Range with Powerful Precision Tools, Capacity, and Professional Styling?


In our research, there is one Professional Induction Range that sets the bar and exceeds these original promises  – the Monogram Professional Induction Range.

Available in 30″ and 36″widths, Monograms Professional Induction Range offers Powerful Precision Tools + Capacity + Professional Styling.

Powerful Precision Tools

  • 3600 Watts of Precision Temperature Cooktop Control: With its Only Monogram allows you to set the specific temperature of your cookware from 100-500 degrees.
  • Add further control by using the app to set food types, such as steak, or cooking methods, such as sear, and their cookware will automatically adjust to the precise degree for perfect doneness each time.
  • Utilize the Sous Vide Probe to perfect steak and seafood.
  • Use the Induction Griddle to make perfect pancakes, eggs, and stir-fries every time.
  • Connect and control two synchronized cooktop elements for added flexibility.
  • Seamlessly move between 19 different heat settings for precise heat control with the Glide Touch Controls.

Precision Oven Modes

  • Automatically track the progress of your food, from salmon to roasted vegetables, making time and temperature changes to ensure consistent results from the 7-inch control panel or your phone via the SmartHQ app.
  • Hot Air Fryer Mode – Crisp foods to crunchy perfection with the Hot Air Fry mode, which is a premium feature for health-conscious cooks that desire fried foods without using oils or butter.
  • An articulating LED screen also tilts towards or away from owners for a seamless cooking experience. The customizable task lighting allows owners to change the accent lighting color and brightness via the SmartHQ app, elevating the centerpiece of the kitchen.

The Largest Oven Capacity in its Class

  • The largest oven capacity in its class is 5.7 cubic feet in the 36″ version and 5.3 cubic feet in the 30-inch version.
  • Compared to the competition, the Monogram Professional Induction Range oven cavity is about 3 inches wider and 4 inches deeper.
  • The included three smooth glide racks make it effortless to place and remove large bakeware and cookie sheets in and out of the oven.

Professional Styling

  • The Monogram Professional Range is the newest addition to Monograms Statement Collection. Its modern yet professional design together with the right blend of traditional kitchen appliance features is unparalleled.
  • The Edge-to-edge glass surface, which comprises the induction top, is stunning and complemented by the Edge-to-edge handles that feel integrated into the appliances.
  • The high-quality stainless-steel finish is offset with solid brass accents, wide glass windows, and the award-winning interactive 7″ LCD display.

Safe, Fast & Green

  • Energy Savings and Efficiency
  • Fastest Way to Cook with Precision Control
  • Easiest Cooktop to Clean
  • Safest Cooktop – Remains Cool with Auto Shutoff