Hawaii’s Kitchen: Makana Market and Deli and their Hunter’s Board

Envisioned, inspired, and created by Chef Ignacio Fleishour, Makana Market and Deli is a homage to Hawaii and it’s bounty of foods. Chef Ignacio began his culinary endeavors at a young age, while hunting, camping, fishing, and cooking from the farm for family and ranch hands. Having worked with international dishes from around the world, Ignacio uses whatever products are placed in front of him to create delectable dishes that are close to his Heart.

Makana Market and Deli also has a community outreach aspect, where they work with Ehuola, Living Life Source Foundation, Captain’s Club, Roots, Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility, and Foster Children of Hawaii, to share in food, teaching, learning, and passing along what will help others.

Chef Ignacio Fleishour joined Hawaii’s Kitchen in the PHAD Monogram Kitchen, to make his popular “Hunter’s Board” dish, featuring USDA free range venison from Molokai.

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