Hawaii’s Kitchen: Bills Hawaii and their Tuna & Avacado Poke

Bill Granger opened his first restaurant in Sydney at the age of 24. It soon became famous for the best scrambled eggs and hotcakes in town, served at the frequently imitated communal table. Twenty years later, Bill’s relaxed, friendly approach to dining has become truly global.

The island-style atmosphere of Honolulu was the perfect fit for Bill’s Waikiki, where people can stroll in straight from the beach. The menu is inspired by the local tropical produce and a fusion of Vietnamese, Japanese and indigenous cuisines (with a bit of Brooklyn and Portland flare thrown in the mix).

Hawaii’s Kitchen had the opportunity to prepare two of their most popular dishes, the Tuna and Avocado Poke and the Prawn Linguini, with Chef Lucas Woodden in the PHAD Showroom’s Thermador Kitchen.

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